Survey for Public Sanitary Sewers

The Fairview Township Sewer Authority (FTSA) has been contacted by the Erie County Department of Health (ECDH) that several on-lot septic systems in your area have been inspected and have been denied reconstruction permits. Based on that information FTSA is trying to determine if there is enough interest in the area to install public sanitary sewers. At this time, there has been no engineering to determine the extent and how far the sanitary sewers could be installed. This survey is trying to determine interest so some preliminary engineering can be done

Other areas in the Village are either under design or awaiting notice to proceed to construct for the same problem that your area is experiencing. These areas have been determined by inspections that they have reached the 25% failure rate the requires the ECDH and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to require the Township to install public sanitary sewers. Your area has homes of the age and lot sizes, as the areas that are not being allowed to re-construct your on-lot system based on current ECDH guidelines.

Please indicate if you are interested and submit this form to the Sewer Authority by September 16,2020.