NOTICE - Water Rate Adjustment - District 1

The Fairview Township Water Authority will have a rate adjustment for 2021. The cost per 1,000 gallons will increase $0.26 across all rate classifications. This increase is being passed on from the increases the Erie Water Authority imposed on District 1 in 2020 and 2021. The adjustment will be seen in the billing from November 16, 2020 thru February 15, 2021. The minimum bill for 6,000 gallons will go from $75.18 to $76.44. A residence using 20,000 gallons per quarter will see the bill go from $201.72 to $206.22.

The Water Authority will also start charging for delinquent notices that are sent out. EACH NOTICE sent out will cost each recipient $1.75 which will be added to the balance due. A delinquent customer will receive a delinquent notice ten (10) days after the bill due date, if not paid. A second notice will be sent out in twenty days (20) days after the due date if no payment is received. If the bill is still delinquent after the second notice, a notice of termination will be posted at the residence for turn off in three (3) days. The termination notice will cost $35.00 and will be added to the balance due.