Sewer Rates


There will be no rate adjustment for residential sewer customers in 2018. The Sewer Authority is planning on several pump station up-grades for 2018. Main line grouting to eliminate excess storm water entering the sanitary sewer system will be bid out in 2018. The Sewer Authority asks all customers to disconnect any clear sump pump discharges from the sanitary sewer system. This excess water has to be paid for to be treated at the Erie Wastewater Plant.

The Sewer Authority will also start charging for delinquent notices that are sent out. EACH NOTICE sent out will cost each recipient $1.75 which will be added to the balance due. A delinquent customer will receive a delinquent notice ten (10) days after the bill due date, if not paid. A second notice will be sent out in twenty (20) days from the due date if no payment is received. If the bill is still delinquent after the second notice, the customer could receive a notice of a lien being filed for non-payment. The lien fee will cost $146.00. If the sewer customer is also a water customer, his water service will receive a notice that the service will be shut off in three (3) days for non-payment of his sewer account. The termination notice will cost $25.00 and will be added to the balance due.